Production Spotlight: Tom & Hebron w/ Featuring.Me

Earlier this year, Workhorse had the awesome opportunity to produce the album art and promotional material for Tom & Hebron's latest album, "Zoyugo." Little did we know that, once in Nashville, they would hook up with a group that is attempting to change the way we interact with music. Featuring Me is tech startup venture that seeks to transform the music industry from strictly a producer/consumer model, to one where music lovers can customize tracks and albums to their liking. This is, of course, in collaboration with artists who create multiple versions of songs and elements of those songs.

Tom & Hebron's sophomore album, Zoyugo.

Tom & Hebron's sophomore album, Zoyugo.

Tom & Hebron was the first group to produce a fully customizable album in this new format. From varied rhythm tracks to added atmospheric elements, complete genre transformation to a switch from male to female vocals, this tapestry of music variety was a serious undertaking for the duo.

When it came to adding a visual component to the project, Tom & Hebron mentioned us to the Featuring Me team. With a strong visual set already established, Featuring Me asked if we'd be interested in providing a myriad of images to correspond to the customizable music. We jumped on the opportunity to work with this fresh idea and photographed a series of vintage vehicles to bridge between "Zoyugo" and the customized versions through Featuring Me.

Check out the project at!

Also, you can view a small sample of the visuals we provided below as well as watch a short interview that Matthew gave for the launch of Featuring Me.