derek osborn

Derek is the glue that holds Workhorse together. As the creative director and chief organizer, he balances the creative with the productivity of the company. Good chance when you contact Workhorse, you’ll be speaking with Derek for your creative content needs.

scott reed

If Workhorse were a band, Scott would be the lead singer. He’s the guy making new contacts and building new relationships with clients and creative partners. He’s also a graphic design machine, working with clients on a daily basis. He’s a workhorse to his very core.


matthew walton

Matthew is the director of photography for Workhorse. In other words, if there is a camera, there’s good chance he’s behind it. He also serves as an editor and script writer and enjoys crafting the stories that shape the content that Workhorse produces.

Trey Pleasant

Trey mainly stays behind the scenes, creating the magic of motion graphics. He has a knack for animation and design - and producing that design very quickly. He’s a pillar in the Workhorse post-production.